Blue Eyed Coyotes

Sometimes something unexpected sparks a creative river in me. Today I read an article in National Geographic about a recessive blue eyed gene in coyotes that seems to be carrying through generations. The photographs and the vision of these animals hit my poetic muse like a sledgehammer. this is the first verse I've written in years. Here is hoping its a trend. Article that inspired this poem is linked at the end of this post.

Blue Eyed Coyotes

Dreaming of blue eyed coyotes and rain on my eyelashes.

Wet enough to blur my sight and drip through my dreams.

Hallucinating visions; Are you seeing what I’m seeing?


Those blue eyed coyotes, running wild in California, have the genes of their grandfathers in their blood and in their eyes.


Those blue eyed coyotes track through the prairies, pouncing on mousies, captivate and fascinate with skies in their eyes.


Those blue eyed coyotes loping on the golden gate, racing through the darkness, starting city life with wild in their eyes.


Intense ice blue burns my soul with grizzled fur and wild heat.

Cast your gaze to those worthy of your frozen stare.

Stay hidden, stay mysterious.  Lurk in the darkness, in the shadows.

Ice blue is warmer than you think.   


©2019 Wendy Wetherbee



Read the National Geographic Article.