Nutfield News

July 2019

Derry Artist Wendy Wetherbee Ties Craftsmanship and Community Together to Make Art Accessible

“Being a member of the League was a goal so precious that I almost never said it out loud…My grandfather was a metalsmith and a kid I watched him…craft giant copper flowers for my grandmother and that’s what started my fascination working with metal.”

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National Wildlife Federation Magazine

October 2018

Barred Owl Photo by Wendy Wetherbee Featured in the Oct/Nov 2018 Issue of the National Wildlife Federation Magazine "Control Pests Without Collateral Damage" - [Read Article]

Londonderry Magazine

August 2018

A Mix of Science and Magic - Featured Article about artist Wendy Wetherbee (Page 12)

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Nashua Telegraph

November 2017

….Nearby, the booth of Wendy Wetherbee, owner of Pure Dichotomy, in Derry, was brilliantly lit to display jewelry she made that included some pendants whose reverses were as richly decorated as their fronts. Gemstones and precious metals graced some pieces, all handmade with saws, hammers, files and heat.

Onlooker Caroline Liebenow, of Nashua, a visitor to the show and an artist specializing in graphic design, deemed the work of Wendy Wetherbee “magical,” as she estimated the many hours of work entailed in completing each piece.

“As a fellow artist, I can truly appreciate all the elements,” Liebenow said. “The jewelry was magical.”

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Derry News

September 2017

LONDONDERRY — Local arts supporters are ready to usher out the summer with a big celebration featuring many area artisans, musicians and community organizations.

The Londonderry Arts Council hosts its "Summer Finale" on Saturday, Sept. 23, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Londonderry Town Common.

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