Nature Inspires Me


I have been studying nature since early childhood. The world outside my windows is the world that runs through my blood. Skipping across bubbling streams, smelling the air after a rain, catching toads in the garden and watching butterflies in the meadow are memories that have shaped who I am.

I strive to bring my unique view of the natural world to others through my artwork. 

I work as a metalsmith and a painter primarily. But my first love is photography, so most of my work is based on my photos either for reference or inspiration. 

My jewelry is handcrafted and hand-fabricated with my two hands using Sterling Silver, 18k Gold and occasionally Copper. When I use stones, know that they have been chosen carefully, by hand, selected for their unique characteristics. Sometimes I work with lapidary artists to cut stones specific to my designs. I tend to use a wide variety of semi-precious stones, but do occasionally add some sparkle with diamonds and other precious stones. 

I am a proud full juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, and other associations.

In addition to photography and metalsmithing, I occasionally work in acrylic, watercolor graphite pencil, and mixed media.

I also have a 20+ year career as a visual designer, running Wetherbee Creative, a boutique creative services and web development studio, where I help other business owners, artists, nonprofits and corporations with their marketing and promotion using design as a tool for communication. 

My work can be found in galleries and private collections.  


Contact me with questions: Wendy Wetherbee


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