Nature is my largest influence and inspiration.  I have been studying nature since childhood and now I strive to bring my unique view of the natural world to others through my artwork. 

My 2D artwork is usually filled with nature as my subject. I work in acrylic paint, watercolor, graphite pencil and mixed media... and my first love is photography, so most of my work is based on my photos either for reference or inspiration. 

All my jewelry is handcrafted and hand-fabricated with my two hands using Sterling Silver, 18k Gold and occasionally Copper. I choose all of my gemstones carefully, selecting stones for their unique characteristics. Sometimes I work with lapidary artists to cut stones specific to my designs. I tend to use a wide variety of semi-precious stones, but do occasionally add some sparkle with diamonds and other precious stones. 

My work can be found in galleries and private collections.  

Contact me with questions: Wendy Wetherbee


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