Men's Textured Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver

Men's Textured Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver


This is a made to order heavy sterling silver cuff bracelet.
Please allow 2 - 3 weeks before shipping.

I'm always trying to bring more men's items to my shop. This sterling silver cuff bracelet came along naturally.

My husband needed a bracelet to wear to an event with a rough, tectured linen shirt, and I decided I knew just the style he needed. So out came my hammers and I fashioned a textured cuff bracelet for a man who never wears jewelry. He thought he would not like wearing it.

He never. takes. it. off. Seriously.

After a few minutes wearing it he forgot he had it on and he wears it now every single day.

I make this bracelet starting with heavy sterling sheet, and then forge this bracelet on an anvil using one of my grandfather's old hammers. The texture is wonderful, sort of natural, like tree bark.

The edges are filed and sanded smooth giving this bracelet a great feel. Its a substantial bracelet, no wimpy bracelets here.

This is SOLID Sterling Silver. No plated or filled metals have been used.

I start with a 6" length of silver sheet and forge it out to about 6.5". I create about an 1 1/8" opening, So in total the bracelet will be a tiny bit over 7 5/8".

I consider that a medium-large bracelet. Great size for an average men's wrist if they like a snug fit. But probably too small for a beefy man's wrist.

There is some slight flex to this bracelet style so that the wearer can - slightly and gently - give it a more custom fit.

The width is about 1/2"

This bracelet will be marked "sterling" and stamped it with my thundercloud hallmark.

Thanks for looking!

Remember its made to order. It will take approx 2-3 weeks to create it and get it ready to ship (often much sooner).

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