Ribbon Turquoise Necklace, with Turtle design

Ribbon Turquoise Necklace, with Turtle design


Handmade Turquoise necklace with a huge piece of ribbon turquoise from Nevada - this one of a kind necklace features a beautifully cut cabochon.

Turn the piece over to find a turtle pierced out of the backplate, showing the beauty of the stone on the other side.

Every detail was added by hand.

This necklace is beaded with turquoise beads. I string on professional quality beading wire, and use high quality sterling silver crimp beads and bead covers. This necklace fastens with a handmade, sterling silver hook and eye clasp.

Necklace is about 18" long.

This piece is totally handcrafted by me in my studio in the forested state of New Hampshire, USA using files, hammers, saws, punches and fire.

I have given the entire piece an antique patina and buffed it off of everything but the details. This piece is satin / brushed finished. This necklace bears my thundercloud hallmark on


Necklace is 18" long plus the length of the centerpiece. ( 2.5" long)

The pendant is NOT removable from the beads. It is one cohesive piece.

All metal is solid Sterling Silver, no filled or plated metals were used in this piece.

Like all my work, if you must polish it in the future...never dip it or use silver polish - simply use a soft jeweler's polishing cloth gently.

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