Flashy Blue Labradorite Brooch, Sterling Silver

Flashy Blue Labradorite Brooch, Sterling Silver


This large oval labradorite inspired the making of this brooch. It flashes in amazing shades of electric blue and like all chatoyant stones, its glow and fire changes from different angles, sometimes hiding its own beauty from your eyes.

I've handcrafted a simple narrow setting out of solid sterling silver - so that the focus remains on this amazing stone. Ive pierced the back open so that the beautiful back of the stone can be seen as well.

My goal was make a piece that instantly feels old, as if you plucked this out of your great grandmother's jewel box. A piece that with the first wearing will give you a feeling of time, past and rich with history.

~~~~~~~~•••~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~•••~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~•••~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~•••~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~•••~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~•••~~~~~~~~
All metal is solid sterling silver. No plated or filled metals are used in this brooch.

Measurements: 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" (55mm x 40mm)

Pin stem is 18 gauge sterling silver that has been work hardened

Sterling Silver has been given a deep antique patina then burnished on the high spots for some shine.

To echo the antique feel the clasp is a simple wound tension clasp - see last photo - just a simple pin and hook design. There is no spinning catch - just a hook for the pin to sit in. It works well, but do know that this is not a "safety" clasp.

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