Fun, Modern, Red, Australian Print Stone Earrings

Fun, Modern, Red, Australian Print Stone Earrings


Fun, Modern Red Striped Earrings

Great Red Striped Australian Print Stone Cabochons are set in Fine Silver on a Textured Sterling Silver Baseplate.

These earrings are unique and fun and one of a kind. Every detail has been added by hand.

Totally Handmade by Me in my studio in New Hampshire, USA, using, files, hammers, punches, saws and fire.

All metal is SOLID sterling silver. no plated or filled metals have been used.

Overall colors are deep earthy reds.

I have given these earrings a deep gray patina and burnished the high spots to give definition to the details.

~~~~~�ۢ�ۢ�ۢ~~~~ ~~~~~�ۢ�ۢ�ۢ~~~~ ~~~~~�ۢ�ۢ�ۢ~~~~

Stones measure 14 x 14 x 5 mm
Earrings hang approx 1.5" (38mm) long and the earring dangle is approx 1" (25.5mm) square.

These earrings are stamped "sterling" and bear my thundercloud hallmark.

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