Agua Neuva Agate Necklace with Rose Quartz

Agua Neuva Agate Necklace with Rose Quartz


Agua Neuva Agate Necklace with Rose Quartz Made in New Hampshire, USA.

This beautiful Agua Neuva Agate has lovely banding in shades of pink, and accenting the stone is a 4mm rose cut rose quartz. Both stones are beautifully cut and polished to a high shine. Ive created a freeform sterling silver setting for these gems and pierced the back so that you can see that the back of the stone is just as beautiful as the front.

This sterling silver necklace is totally handmade by me.

Overall color is earthy pinks.

Ive added a 19" chain that fastens with a small lobster clasp.

All metal is sold sterling silver. No plated or filled metals have been used.

This piece has a heavy dark gray patina, front and back.

This pendant is totally handmade in New Hampshire, USA, using my own two hands, files, saws, hammers, punches and fire.



This pendant bears my thundercloud hallmark.

This pendant is approx 1" (2.2cm) long x 1.5" (3.84cm) wide

Chain is approx 19".

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