Ornate Natural Red Corundum Ring, Size 8 and a half, Genuine Gem, Cocktail Ring, Sterling Silver, Totally Handmade, Large Red Gemstone

Ornate Natural Red Corundum Ring, Size 8 and a half, Genuine Gem, Cocktail Ring, Sterling Silver, Totally Handmade, Large Red Gemstone


Natural Red Corundum Ring, Size 8, Handmade, sterling silver.

This cocktail ring is handcrafted in the USA

I've created an ornate, antique style setting for this amazing stone by hand in sterling silver. I've used lovely, open work detailing on the bezel for the stone and paired it with a deeply detailed floral patterned ring band of wild roses. The color is a deep lilac purple rose color, almost a mauve - rather than red.

Photographs do not do this beautiful stone justice, it is large, deep and has lots of shine and sparkle. I've done my best to show you the depth and the shine but you will be amazed with it in person. This ring has a higher profile, the stone itself is very deep so the top of this ring sits about 3/8" (8mm) high on the finger,

This ring is totally handcrafted. I started by selecting the stone and then designed a setting that I felt would show it off to the best advantage. Then I hand fabricated the setting from scratch, starting with sterling sheet and wire. This ring is made by my two hands using saws, files, punches, hammers and fire.

The ring band is a comfort fit half round band deeply detailed with wild roses all around it.

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All metal is solid sterling silver. There are no plated or filled metals in this ring.

This ring is totally handmade by me here in the United States.

This ring is a size 8.5 (American)

This ring can not be resized.

The "Face" of the ring is approx: 11/16" x 3/4" (17mm x 18mm)

The Red Corundum Cabochon is approx: (14mm x 15mm x 8mm high)

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About Natural Red Corundum (Raw Ruby):
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Most gems like this on the market today have a treatment of some sort. Many are dyed or heat treated to make them appear more attractive. And a large number of rubies on the market are actually composites - corundum fused with glass or other material to make them glossy and shiny. The gem in this ring is completely natural. No treatment of any kind has been done. The natural beauty of this raw red corundum ruby shines through.

Ruby is the birthstone of July.

Red Corundum the mineral family that includes ruby and sapphire has been treasured by people since the dawn of time. Its color associates the gem with romance and love. It is revered by people from all over the globe for its beauty and rarity.Many beleive that is can assist in a large varity of situations from aiding warriors in battle to assuring passion in a new romance. Whatever you believe, the ruby is a beautiful stone to be worn and cherished.

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