Natural Pink Druzy Earrings, 18K Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Sparkling Pink Earrings, Cobalto Calcite Druzy Gemstones, Drusy Earrings, Pink

Natural Pink Druzy Earrings, 18K Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Sparkling Pink Earrings, Cobalto Calcite Druzy Gemstones, Drusy Earrings, Pink


Sparkling pink druzy earrings set in 18K gold and sterling silver..

Yes - this color of these druzies is totally natural. These stones are the real deal. Natural Pink Cobalto Calcite.

However - please bear in mind that colors on your screen will be more vibrant than in person. These stones in particular are appearing more saturated in photos.

Cobalto Calcite Druzy is no longer actively mined, which adds to their rarity.

Accenting the pink sparkling stones are lovely dots of 18K rose gold.

These beautiful pink druzies are set in 18k gold, and have 18k rosegold ear wires.


All metal is Solid Sterling Silver and Solid 18K Gold. No plated or filled metals are used.

I have crafted these earrings completely by hand using saws, hammers, files, punches and fire.

You just don't find these everyday. They are very special stones.

These earrings hang about 1 3/16" long.

18K rose gold ear wires.

These earrings are signed with my thundercloud hallmark.

Shipping cost includes insurance, tracking and a signature will be required.


The gems are natural pink druzy Cobalto Calcite. The deep blueish pink gemstones are born in the earth, mined carefully and cut by a master lapidary artist who understands how to get the most of these crystalline beauties.

Some people believe there is a great spiritual healing property in these rare stones. Ive known people to wear this stone who want to be open to love, more gently get through grief and be accepting and peaceful.


All jewelry items are shipped ready for gift giving.

Special Bonus -- I include a randomly selected, ready to frame nature photograph with every jewelry purchase.


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A buyers guide to druzy (druse, drusy):

Right now druzy jewelry is fashionable - how can you not like the bling of the crystals? So a little education is a good thing before you invest.

Be aware that most of the druzy used out there is cheaply produced cabochons of quartz / agate crystals (sort of like the inside of a geode) that has been dyed often badly in garish colors.

Mixed in among the cheap stuff is some very nice, excellent quality natural quartz druzy out there in lovely natural colors. natureal Amethyst crystals are a good example.

Any druzy with a metallic look has been coated or fused often with titanium to give it an iridescent finish. Price will often give you insight into the quality of the material. Because much of it is cheap and abundant, average druzy and low quality dyed can be found everywhere, in mass produced jewelry on up. Be aware that there is also "faux" druzy on the market that isn't even natural quartz crystals but a base stone usually agate or quartz with sparkly glittery material fused or even glued on top.

At the other end of the scale however are druzy stones that are not quartz at all, but rather the sparkling crystals are made up of different, rarer minerals that grow in crystalline form - some are extremely rare. The stones in these earrings are of this variety. They are not quartz crystals they are crystal cobalto calcite and the color is completely natural. Not dyed. Not enhanced. Not easy to get.

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